Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Locally Dawlat of Flowers

Qatar is a rich Islamic Middle Eastern country that has fertile lands, copious cattle, with plenteous people whose wealth are living standard even higher than some of developed Western countries. Qatar is generative Meddle Eastern most fertile land that is oil and petroleum productive.  Qatar climate is hot but rain makes the difference over all country. Qatar was populated by Saudi Arabian and tribes from Gulf that migrated here. From the history of herds busy at countryside to the Modern Arabs of Qatar has collected much of the advanced living standard. They have adapted the technologies, especially at information sector. 
Qatari Arabs still love flowers to greet their families, friends, and partner by sending expensive flowers gift. Today’s Qatar keen on harvesting new crops, new species of flowers in its lands. Raising animals, fishing, diaries, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, hotels and information technology are most busy sector which Qatar is so busy. The Qatar flower shop (s) can be found from those small marts to giant market plazas. The flower shop in Qatar, is a must part of the desert land as people are really like manifold breeds of follower.  Qatari government pays great attention at agriculture, forestry, and research centers are currently working for the greater development of these sectors. Minerals of the lands are taken good care and are not wasted at any cost. Similar approach Qatar has taken for the nurturing plants, flowers and wild life.  
Qatar administration has made policy by which streets, bridges with other conduits including managements of houses, buildings, hotels, apartments, are directed to make floral nurseries, plants decoration in the premises so that Qatar can present the world a safe green zone. This is why the tourists from around the world come every year to sight and sounds of Qatar. The flower shop Qatar, with other florists installs, have taken step to sell more flowers to public and visitors on minimum rate. This way a scenic environment can be created and help to build healthy environment within the country.
Qatar regards flowers and floral shops as national wealth just like oil and natural minerals of land.
Qatar government basically a monarch ruled by Al Thani family. The ruling head generally, consult with council of ministers. People love Qatar ruler and the system of governing, as they are perfect head to satisfy the Qatari citizens from basic amenities of life. Qatar families warmly welcome tourists or visitors from Islamic neighbor countries and facilitate them as necessary. Men of all Muslim countries are often called from Qatar and Doha gives them sufficient and hundred percent employments. Qatar greets foreign employees’ families by sending flowers and other products as good will. The flower shops of Qatar arrange special packages for foreign labor when they go home on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha.
You can also experience travelling to Qatar as tourist, employee or just go there for sights and sound of most modern Qatar deserts that accommodate people willingly and happily.